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I took a Bullet! (train)…

I took a Bullet (Train), European Helicopter, & Supercharged Jaguar on my 24 Hr Adventure of a Lifetime

It seemed like something I needed, a vacation. But what I craved was a challenge; I had to get outside the box, had to get out and stay out. I came to a revelation recently. It’s important to think outside the box, we hear that all the time. It’s drilled into us. But, as a society, as a whole, we certainly cannot afford for everybody to be outside the box, right? Not at the same time, anyway. Our culture dictates that a balance of inside the box and outside the box personalities intertwine. Some must be leaders and some must be followers. There cannot be scenarios where everybody is a leader; who would follow? Same goes for followers; if everybody becomes a follower, who will lead?

There is no perfect ratio; no “one size fits all” for life, for leadership, or for love. They are all complicated yet all seem to work out when things fall into place. I love life, I love to lead, I seek to innovate and encourage. I love my family, my friends, my mentors and leaders. I am in love, I have been in love for a decade and I am just now learning what that even means. No matter where you are in life or where it takes you, whether you are just starting a career or leading thousands, you can always continue to learn and still be a teacher. Regardless of your failures or your successes, what’s important is that you grow and you help others to grow too. Those revelations led me to this 24 hour pedal to the metal journey and in the next few moments, I’ll take you along for the ride.
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