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Miami Herald: It’s so on: J-Rod step out in South Beach

Irish Tech News: How to use your social media presence and create influence outside the matrix, Uncle Louie G shares his insights

Rolling Stone: See Eric B & Rakim Reunite for ‘Paid in Full’ Anniversary Concert

Miami Herald: Goldberg, Uncle Louie, Rey Horday three-man tag to support Wounded Warriors of South Florida The Uncle Louie Files

AOL News: Twitter is a Way of Life for Uncle Louie

AOL News : Apple iPad Keeps CEO and Music Mogul Uncle Louie Connected

Hip Hop DX : The Fat Boys To Perform At Bill Goldberg’s Gala At Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

Hip Hop DX : Uncle Louie Explains How He’s Brought Old School Hip Hop Greats Into The Twitter Era

HipHop DX: The Fat Boys to Perform Concert at Twitter Headquarters

HipHopDX: Das EFX: Baknaffek DX News Bits: Yelawolf, Somolian Pirate Kidnapping, and Uncle Louie Louis Gregory Back From Vegas, Expands Business Louis Gregory: From Sachem to Music Mogul Gregory Teams Up with Goldberg Uncle Louie & The Fat Boys Strike Again Uncle Louie Pairs Up with Blogger Jessica Gottlieb UFC Fighter Frank Trigg, Uncle Louie and TAPOUT Battling Social Media World Justin Bieber Autograph Can Be Yours for $1, says Uncle Louie

HipHopDX: “The Fat Boys: The Boys are Back”

NPR Music: “Rapper Turned Minister Kurtis Blow…”

Hype Magazine Blog: “Everybody Hates Chris Loves The Fat Boys”

Global Grind: “Uncle Louie Music Group Announces new A&R”

HipHopDX: Fat Boys Launch Clothing Line and Design Contest

Global Grind: “Elijah Signs with Uncle Louie Management”

Grand Good: “The Fat Boys Unite”

Exclaim! “The Fat Boys Return!”

MV Remix: “The Fat Boys Record First Song in Over Two Decades”

IMDB: Disorderlies



80’s In Your Face: Interview with The Fat Boys



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