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Brock Lesnar, Drones, & Titan FC 40

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Brock Lesnar Possibly Cheated (say it ain’t so), I Got Attacked by a Drone, Titan FC 40 Coming to Miami and Goldberg Has (another) New Movie

Tonight I had the opportunity to get on air with Alex Dunno and Frank Zaffere on CBS Radio’s Fight Night. My good friend Prince Markie Dee of the legendary Fat Boys was with me so I asked him to join me live on-air.

We discussed the recent breaking news about Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 drug test. We also talked about my encounter with DJI’s new Phantom 4 drone which slice and diced my arm to smithereens. Alex and I put dinner on an upcoming match at Titan’s FC 40, putting Joe’s Stone Crab on the line. If JZ wins, I win!

By the way, I am not counting out Brock until sample B is tested and the results are definite.

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