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Thin Strip of Pink

We’re standing in the shade just off Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. We’re not too far from the old Post Office that Donald Trump bought. He’s renovating it; making it great again. I hear it’s going to be spectacular although Trinity tells me all the major restaurants backed out. Perhaps she, John and I will toast her birthday there next January 25th, if it’s open by then. John says they’ll have BLTs but lately, I’ve been craving steak. There are three of us, outside in our Nation’s Capital. John, Dan and I are enjoying cigars on the first cool day in a while. Sticks that NFL Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas shared with me. They are exclusive to Stogie Boys. Nice burn, mellow and smooth, not too strong but with a nice flavor. They start out good and about a quarter of the way through, they get great, kinda like our conversation did today. Somehow we started discussing the Panama Canal. Debating over its ownership and how it ended up in the hands of another country. Dan blamed President Ford initially. After a quick Google search, that shifted to President Carter. I blamed the same person I blame for about 99% of the things that piss me off nowadays. No, I’m not talking about Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian… Read more @ The Huffington post 

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